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Better selection, better prices. That is why I buy guns online and you should too!

There any many online stores that sell firearms – see our list below of some of the best ones we recommend to our customers.

Update: Gun availability is better than it has been in years. Prices are coming down as well. These sites below are some of the best places to start looking for what you need. Thank you for using our page as your gun finder!

Online sales (Ecommerce) accounted for a whopping 21.3% of all U.S. retail sales in 2020.

Guns bought online through an online gun dealer will not ship directly to you. They will generally ship to a local FFL dealer who will process the proper paperwork including forms and background checks, etc. just as if you had bought the gun locally. Online gun retailers bring convenience and lower prices to the market and this is a good thing.

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What is a Bolt Carrier Group?

Before we get into our recommendations, let’s do a general overview of how a BCG works within an AR-15. Understanding the bolt carrier group parts and how they interact is important to diagnose any issues and ensure your gun has proper reliability and feeding.

A BCG works with the gas system to cycle, fire and eject rounds as you fire. More specifically, the bolt carrier group will load a new round into your chamber, extract the spent casing, and repeat the process all over again.

Below are some of the key pieces you’ll find within a complete bolt carrier group and the general role they play in the process:

  • Firing pin – After the trigger is pulled, the hammer rotates forward, hitting the firing pin. The firing pin will then strike the primer of the chambered round and the gun will fire.
  • Carrier / gas key – Your gas key sits on the top of the BCG and connects to the gas tube. When a round is fired through your barrel, gas is funneled back through the gas key and forced down into the body of your bolt carrier group.
  • Bolt carrier – The bolt carrier is the body of your BCG. The high-velocity gas will fill the chamber and force your BCG rearward, compressing the buffer and buffer spring. To handle the high temperatures and pressure levels, you’ll find bolt carriers and bolts are made from very high quality ordinance steel.
  • Bolt – The bolt assembly features locking lugs that rotate to lock and unlock the bolt inside the chamber. As the bolt carrier drives backward, the cam pin rotates the bolt, unlocking it from the chamber and allowing the complete BCG to move rearward.
  • Bolt gas rings – These three rings sit on the back of the bolt to create a seal between the bolt and the bolt carrier, trapping gas expansion inside the BCG.
  • Extractor – The extractor hooks onto the rim of your round, pulling it out of the chamber.

There are two main kinds of AR15 bolt carrier groups – semi auto and full auto.

A full auto BCG does not turn your AR15 into a machine gun. In fact, most AR15s sold today actually come with a “full auto” BCG and there are no legal restrictions against using a full auto BCG.

The only difference between the two is the shape of the carrier. On a full auto carrier the rear lug is larger so it can trip the auto sear on a full auto rifle. It has no function in a semi auto AR15.

One benefit of using a full auto BCG is that it will usually weigh about 1 oz. more than a semi auto BCG. This extra weight can sometimes have a positive effect on reliability, depending on the configuration of your rifle. It is the equivalent of going to a heavier buffer i.e. from a carbine buffer to an H buffer, or an H buffer to an H2 buffer.


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